公司性質:民營/私營企業 注冊資金:50萬元 公司行業:機械制造/機電/重工 公司規模:50人以內 注冊時間:2002-01-30


??????? Our company locates in the beautiful port city – Ningbo of China, and is less than two kilometers from the expressway east exit of Ningbo, Hangyong expressway and Tongsan expressway are converged at this exit. The new factory building is being in construction.

??????? Our company is the private enterprise with rich fund and strength technology, specialized in produce the refrigeration fittings for many years, especially the various kinds of relays, some of our products have already passed UL authentication, The authentication number of the products is: E229612,E232779,E237340,E233975,SA234686, The other products are carrying on authentication. Our products are sell well in the U.S.A and other developed countries.

??????? The economy in China is developed at full speed, joint with the international economy, we enhance our strength constantly too. During a new period, we welcome customers from home and aboard to visit our factory and through this develop long-lasting cooper




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